Stylus iPad Pen, Zoopy®, Pen for iPad Tablet Apple 2018-2021, Professional, Anti-Scratch Pen, Palm Rejection Function, Tilt, Lag-Free, Magnetic, USB-C, Black

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The new Stylus iPad Pen, Zoopie®, Pix for Apple iPad tablet 2018-2021, Professional, Anti-scratch pens, Palm Rejection function, Tilt, Lag-Free, Magnetic, USB-C, Black from Zoopie has a modern and elegant look thanks to its hexagonal shape and thanks to the high-quality aluminum alloy material from which it is made. Write normally, as a pencil on paper, but with better and more versatile movements and features. Whether you're on a date, making a shopping list or exploring your creativity, Zoopie's Sylus touch pen for iPad helps you transpose your thoughts.

With the top made of carefully selected composite materials, the Stylus iPad pencil from Zoopie ensures the smoothness of the writing. Everything you do appears instantly on the screen, with almost zero latency. Due to the sensitivity to the tilt, the pencil captures every shade of your movements, whether you are writing or drawing.

Key features:

  • Palm rejection: This function rejects the palm of your hand when touching the screen, so you can enjoy comfortable writing.
  • Tilt sensitivity:Provides the ability to change the thickness of the drawing line when tilting the pen.
  • No Lag:This technology eliminates any interruption in your writing and drawing process.
  • Magnetic: Allows simple fixation to the tablet.
  • Pom spare tips:Pens are made of Polyoxymethylene, a material that is used for precision parts due to the high level of rigidity and low friction, specially designed to protect the tablet screen.


iPad 6th Gen, 9.7-inch,

2018: A1893, A1954 iPad 7th Gen, 10.2-inch, 2019: A2197, A2200, A2198

iPad 8th Gen, 10.2-inch, 2020: A2270, A2428, A2429

iPad mini 5th Gen, 7.9-inch, 2019: A2133, A2124, A2126

iPad Air 3rd Gen, 10.5-inch, 2019: A2152, A2123, A2153

iPad Air 4th Gen, 10.9-inch, 2020: A2324, A2072, A2316

iPad Pro 11-inch, 1st Gen, 2018: A1980, A2013, A1934

iPad Pro 11-inch, 2nd Gen, 2020: A2228, A2068, A2230

iPad Pro 11-inch, 3rd Gen, 2021: A2377, A2459, A2301

iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 3rd Gen, 2018: A1876, A2014, A1895

iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 4th Gen, 2020: A2229, A2069, A2232

iPad Pro 12.9-inch, 5th Gen, 2021: A2378, A2461, A2379

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